One Teeny Step Ahead

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… of the black flies!

We’re still slightly in the lead. This weekend is a brilliant sunny and mild stretch – with a good breeze. Made for more outdoor mega projects. Yesterday we took down the tarp ‘Bota House’ to make room for the new barn ‘Bota House’. (Bota being our tractor.)

It sure came down a lot more quickly than it went up! It has moved next door where our neighbour – who works with aluminum siding – is going to refurbish it for use. Hopefully this week we’ll be able to get a load of gravel delivered. I will level that out as a base for the barn … and THEN!!! SOON!! the barn can come too!

We have our eyes on the Goat Cafe as our next job. The plan is to use plywood to create two awning style windows that will let more of the summer breezes waft through – without letting much rain soak the Cafe floor.

I’ve been watching the back field grow with much anticipation! It will be fun to let the jennies and the goats move out of the woods and hillside. But we still have at least another week or two to go before the timothy is long enough that the sugar will be hidden far down the stems …

In the meantime we’re enjoying the show of spring flowers!

Hugs from the Meadow Mice

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