Day: May 1, 2020

Spring Rains

We’ve all been inside for a day. What great spring rain! Steady – and heavy – and turning everything green. Even the willows and poplars and birch are impressed. They’ve burst their buds giving the woods surrounding us an early spring sheen.

The goats are rubbing every fence line and rough patch of bark they can find. I think their under coats get itchy this time of year. I know my cords look like I’ve been rolling in wool if I’ve been hanging out with them.

My experience using the Weight Watcher’s program/app this winter has been very rewarding! I’ve developed a whole new list of go to menus and managed to drop 20 pounds. I’ve learned I don’t have to be hungry. I’ve also learned I’m definitely an emotional eater!

One of my new favourite foods is falafels. I had a mix – created by Cedar Foods – that made months of spicy falafel patties. When I ran out of that I discovered a recipe for sweet potato bean burgers that filled the gap. There are so many ways to eat these tasty patties but my favourite is mixed into a salad.

We are about to hit bug season. That means walking the trails becomes unbearable. So I picked up a new pair of wheels to help me ride the roads and the trails instead!

I have been nursing a spring to do list for a number of weeks now. Bug season is going to be a huge incentive to get those jobs done. PRONTO!

Today’s list begins with checking the oil and fluids on the tractor and greasing all the joints. That is followed by building and installing two new vents in the bottom of the goat café.

I still need to take the winter windows out of the chicken palace and I need to take down the tarp shelter that has been housing the tractor. Hopefully we will get gravel delivered this month and next month I will have a solid pad ready for the new barn to arrive!

Hope all is well with you out there. Sending hugs from The Meadow!