Month: May 2020

Big Blue

We have been busy preparing the west side of the back paddock for a new barn. Prebuilt and ready to move in. I’m SO looking forward to saying goodbye to this old fence line and gate… remnants of our initial inexperienced selves when we brought Paco home years ago.

I was over the moon when we got the call to say the barn was on its way. Rosie and Bella were excited to see it pull in off the back field.

We bought it from North Country Sheds out of Smiths Falls. There are a few others in our area and I have been admiring them for years. We were able to ask for two doors on the paddock side. And windows on the west and east sides to let air flow through.

Scott, the delivery man, was incredible to watch as he manoeuvred the trailer to position the barn exactly where we wanted it. He could adjust it left to right and back and forth.

It is spacious – 12 feet wide and 30 feet long. The roof clearance is enough that we’ll easily be able to stack bales six high.

In another few weeks it will hold 200 bales and the tractor. We’ll even make room for ‘Miss Daisy’ (some people call ‘her’ a golf cart) come winter.

Today my sister joined us to help level the barn …

… under fill it with gravel…

… AND redo the fence line!

Now that is a much cleaner look!

I finished up by attaching a protective stretch of fencing against the barn walls to deter critters who might take a liking to the wood!

Happy campers here! I think I will sleep well tonight! Tomorrow I will tackle pushing the gravel bed up to the side beams and will make a gravel ramp so ‘Bota’ (aka tractor) can move in. Loving it!