Days of Wonder


Yesterday was INCREDIBLE! The kind of day that kept me outside for every possible minute.

The jennies were snoozing in the sunshine.

And I got to join them!

I mopped the cobwebs and winter dirt out of the barns and off the beams. It is gross how much can build up over a few months. At least I finally found a method that works. I bought one of those stringy mops. I can soak it in soapy water and then sling the strands up into the rooftops to wash the dirt right out of there.

I even discovered that I had washed the fans before putting them away last fall. How responsible of me! How surprised I was to remember that. And how pleased! 😆

I hang the fans in each of the critter barns – suspended in string hay bags. At this time of year the fans are not about cooling… they are used to keep the mosquitoes and black flies at bay.

I also managed to head over to the McCullough barn to bring home a load of fresh hay bales. I have discovered that unloading those bales into the barn – by myself – feeling strong and healthy – is one of my happy places.

By the time the sun was going down the jennies, the goats and the chickens – AND THIS HUMAN were all happy to call it a day.

There was the tiniest taste of summer on my lips and the smell of sunshine on my clothes when I headed up the stairs to bed. Sigh ❤️

2 comments on “Days of Wonder”

  1. We walked the “urban wilderness” Toronto Spit early yesterday – and saw 11 swans hooting and flapping together. Absolutely exhilarating morning… birds, mice, even a coyote in the distance. Blue sky, sparkling waves, magical place – about to burst into Spring! If only everyone could get a daily dose of nature. Just imagine.

    1. Wow – seeing that many swans must have been amazing. They are so beautiful. We’ve seen pairs on a few of our local lakes. I don’t remember them being in this area years back. Love them!

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