Not on My Watch


One of the blessings of being an animal empath is also its curse. I am finely tuned to the emotional life of our flerd family. (AND to other animals I meet…) When our guys are stressed … I feel it.

I used to think I projected way too much emotion onto creatures’ psyches. But since I have had this opportunity to live with farm animals here on our little piece of land – and on those of friends up and down our road – I have learned that isn’t the case. Way too many of us avoid acknowledging the emotional life of our animals.

In that vein I have been closely working with Bella and Rosie as they evolve into a pair. The dynamics between them have changed immensely over these past two months. (For new readers – they were part of a threesome for seven years. In this previous incarnation Rosie was the odd one out.)

Now they each have each other’s backs – sometimes literally. 😉

The biggest change has been Rosie’s claim to the alpha status THROUGHOUT the flerd. No more Eyore – no more head hung low because she has been chased away from the barns or the hay. And no more kowtowing to the goats either. She has put her ‘hoof’ down and made it clear she is not taking any nonsense.

This has led to a new peace in the paddocks. The goats still come rollicking out when I arrive for chores. They don’t bother with running at Rosie or Bella any more. They hop around checking out the empty barns – and the food bins – and the water buckets – and the chicken coop door.

Meanwhile – the jennies snoop around the Goat Cafe – cleaning up any extra hay. It is a strange ecosystem – but it’s ours! 😉

2 comments on “Not on My Watch”

  1. That’s good news! No one needs to be bullied, even a goat. I’m happy to hear she’s gained confidence with her new relationship.

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