Four Seasons – One Day


THIS was a surprise… I faithfully check my weather app each morning and night to prepare for the day ahead. I slept in yesterday – and in my rush to get outside to let the chickens out – still in my pj’s – was abruptly woken from my sleep walking to THIS!

It was deep and crunchy snow to plod through on my rounds. The poor Robins were NOT impressed.

Neither were the chickens! 😉

As the day went by we had gentle snow flurries …

… followed by a series of white outs with giant sized flake bombs …

Can you see them in this picture? It was fun to be out in that. It was like snow feathers landing on my face and hands. This then switched to corn snow. That looks like little styrofoam beads falling and then building up on the ground.

It all built up again … making this poor daffodil wondering just why it bloomed first!

Before I was heading back inside we turned from this …

… to this.

Gotta love the April Shuffle!

3 comments on “Four Seasons – One Day”

  1. Hi Our day was like that. My Christmas cactus is still flowering, hope it’s not trying to tell me something? Stay warm and safe. Mary 💕

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