All in Stride

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I’m feeling pretty level headed tonight … and have most of the day. I think it is because I finally got myself back into being busy and outside. I had begun to do more couch surfing than is good for my balance!

Having a nice sunny day might have helped too! We’ve had a really cold northwest wind rolling through here for a few days. It lifted our canoe clean off it’s stand – and kept the jennies close to their barns. When you have long ears like theirs you are not a fan of wind.

Lindy and Roxi have been making great strides these last few days. They’ve both put themselves into the coop at night. And I’ve left the curtain open between their end of the run and the others for two full days now. They do retreat when the flock comes barreling in after roaming the woods. But then they venture down to mingle a little. Lindy has such beautiful brown eyes and the nature to go with them – a real gentle little thing. Roxi is a little more high strung. I was sitting on the bench in the run when the flock returned. You’d have thought Roxi was certain they were going to eat her for dinner. She was shot from a cannon – round the corner – to land on my lap and scurry under my arm. Seems she relates to the idea that if she can’t see the others they can’t see her. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I had the most wonderful time yesterday afternoon with Bella and Rosie. We were hanging out in the woods – tucked out of the wind. Bella decided she needed a little more action. This started with her trademark head rolls. Sort of like ‘eye rolls’ … but with more drama. ๐Ÿ˜‰ She started leaping and hopping and flicking her tail – still up on the hillside – leaping from rock to rock. She got Rosie going and the two of them proceeded to wrestle and do stallion poses and race around. It all ended with the two of them walking along – hanging their heads over each others necks. Love watching them bonding like this.

This afternoon we had a lovely delivery from the Charlotte Island Easter Bunny. Seems she is a talented baker of banana loaf! Very tasty! Thank you Chickadees!

Hope you have been able to enjoy some fresh air today. It goes a long way in reminding us that this too shall pass. xoxo

Hugs from the Meadow Mice

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