Holy smokes! We woke up to GIANT snowflakes – you could call them snowballs! What?!

It was like the sky couldn’t settle between rain, hail, sleet, snowflakes …

Rosie and Bella were SOME happy to see me show up with eats.

I delivered a tasty breakfast to all of the outdoor dwellers and retreated. It was good to know everyone was warm, cozy and full in their shelters.

By this afternoon – voila! The sun was back, the snow was gone and all was well. And so goes April. 😉

Of course … all of that was aside from the daily news of the pandemic. We’re in some pretty deep ^%$#! We are well and managing quite here. I do worry about my relatives that are in senior’s residences. THEY are why we ALL need to stay as isolated as possible. Keep this BAAAAAD bug from getting to their staff and then to them …

Great news this evening. For the first time Roxi found her way on her own into the coop. She and Lindy spent the afternoon with their half of the Chicken Palace open to the ‘old girls’. When I headed back out just before dark there was Lindy … waiting for me to move her onto her nighttime roost. But no Roxi … As I searched the run for her she heard me and came tumbling down from her usual spot in the coop. Hurray!

It’s a little blurry … but there they are! Good move Roxi!

This beautiful sunset was the ending to a beautiful day.

2 comments on “Surprise!”

  1. So glad you only got a glancing blow! We got dumped on, and have had no power since Thursday. We are very lucky, however, because we have a nice hefty generator. Here’s to better days :*)

    1. Woah! Nina! That is a challenge! I hope you have that part of life restored to normal. Strange on strange can be daunting. Stay well. Hugs from just north – with less now.

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