If It Looks Like Spring …


… and smells like spring …

… it’s SPRING!

Wasn’t that an incredible day? Warm – sunny – nice breezes …

All of the critters found their way to the hillside. At one point the goats, the chickens and the jennies were all tolerating each other’s presence … they were all so distracted by the day.

I scratched off a winter’s worth of straw and hay off half the back paddock while Ede scratched off leaves in the front yard. You know it is a beauty of a day when we just cannot come inside and so look around to find ANYTHING needing attention. 😉

Is it weird for me to say I keep finding myself stopping … and listening to the birds … and thinking that if we humans were to just disappear all of them would simply go on doing their thing … maybe missing a bird feeder or two … When I’m tuned into the news the world seems to be upside down. But when I’m outside it’s still right side up.

Another little one totally oblivious to the strangeness of this spring. This little guy is next door with his grandmother. Regular stops at our fence line help to liven up his day. Dottie has taken quite a shine to him.

The ‘chip bag’ (aka BIG haul of maple leaves from the Giller-Woods family) was still a favourite haunt today.

I hope some sunshine managed to brighten your day too.

Hugs from the Meadow Mice

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