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Look at this little thing! Roxi and Lindy were happy to see their BIG neighbours head out to free range in the woods. Their current idea of free range is to wander into the old girls’ section of the ‘Chicken Palace’. There seems to be a special section of dirt there that makes for the BEST baths.

Although I believe Roxi’s expression was one of disbelief that I would actually disturb her bath time! 😉

I tackled my own hairdo this morning. Seems that I may have been inspired by a very early cut. Ha! I realized this evening that I have given myself my original hairstyle back. That’s me on the right too – only some 58+ years ago.

It was quite a dismal day weather wise here … matched the news … That was a sobering look at predictions for our province’s battle with Covid19. Keep washing people – and stay at home. Seems the least we can do to help when so many others are in the front line at hospitals, emergency response teams, grocery stores, pharmacies … The timeline was also daunting… 18 months to 2 years before the pandemic is done. Yikes! I guess I don’t need to read any dystopian novels this spring!

I was happier when I had spent some time outside looking after our fur babies. They have both spent some time munching on the new straw today. I put out lots so when they are hungry in the morning before I am up it is their go to snack bar. When I DO get out to them Rosie runs alongside as I carry a flake of sweeter hay to her feed bin. She wants to make sure she gets a bite or two before I mix it in with the straw! I sense that it is something like having someone mix your ice cream in with brussel sprouts. 😉

It was mostly an indoor day for Dottie and MayMay. They did get out for some fun and games on their rocky hillside. They are sooooo pleased to have the rocks back (and the snow gone). They run and leap from big rock to rock. Yesterday evening I looked out the kitchen window to find Dottie out in the donkey woods…? I think I found where she got out under the fence line. A smaller tree had fallen and lifted the bottom rails. MayMay wasn’t out with her. I think she is more cautious now about getting her horns stuck in the fence row.

I had taken the goats their dinner and was visiting when there was a tremendous ruckus at the door.

Seemed the ‘neighbours’ wanted to invite themselves to join us for dinner! They are the reason there is a solid piece of board along the bottom of that door! Somehow they are able to tell that the goats don’t get their hay mixed with straw.

I will have to figure out a way to record Bella’s bray for you. It sounds somewhere between a sore throat yodel and a train whistle – really! She was soothed with a soft ear rub and back scratch.

I was glad for the distraction this afternoon of cleaning out the barns and raking up some of the paddock. This steady rain will bring up some more of the spring flowers.

Meanwhile – inside – Ede was toasting up some fresh granola. It is our favourite way to start the day – granola – yogurt – blueberries and bananas. Yum!

Sending you hugs from the Meadow! Keep your chin up – that’s a special ‘move’ in our family. It hides your second chin. 😉

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