Day: March 27, 2020

… and that’s it.

We were wondering just how long it would take the jennies to decide they were NOT going to cooperate with our guided walks in the open back pasture.

It is quite beautiful out there this week. LOTS of room to roam. However … on our last venture out the jennies pointed their noses west and took off!

All the open fields – the woods – notta! They decided instead to head for our neighbour’s backyard. What? Of course I don’t have shots of them there. We were busy heading them off and redirecting them away from the road.

Well – that was quick! Seems we need to be either on lead ropes or we need to get hold of that electric fencing I was considering. Don’t think much in that line of merchandise is going to be arriving any time soon.

Best laid plans and all that …

😉 Hugs from the Meadow Mice