Version 2.0


How much fun is this! On the left Kyla. On the right her dad. Same age. One of the bonuses of this physical distancing has been that we’re sharing the ‘at home’ time with our granddaughters. As we are finishing up week two together it is very entertaining to see young Simon reflected in Version 2.0. Kyla has so many mannerisms and gestures and talents that are very much her dad. She found an old pair of his glasses for us to take a comparison shot. Time and again Edie and I will catch each others eye to share our delight in seeing so much of him again.

The integration of the newbie hens is coming along fine. Lexi has taken quite a liking to Roxie. Roxie’s size – bantam hen – is a real bonus in her books. The other day when I made a foray out for groceries I received a text from home asking if I would have any idea where Roxie might hide … It seemed she had disappeared. Lexi was convinced the others had eaten her! It led to some major theatrics and despair! Roxie was found – safe and all in one piece – hiding behind a hay bale. Seems the bullies had chased her out of sight.

Paddy – our new rooster – has his work cut out for him. His first big challenge was meeting the ‘Rooster in the Mirror’. The hens quite like looking at themselves and preening and pacing back and forth. Paddy took one look at his reflection and went into full attack mode! One cracked mirror later – now removed – Paddy 1 – Mirror 0!

He has totally integrated with the original flock of hens. When we add in Roxie and Lindy he has to shuffle back and forth between the two groups. For short stints all seven of them do well. At some point though, one of the bigger hens will set her sights on Roxie and then feathers fly. Today Roxie literally flew up and out of the paddock. She’d had enough. Paddy flew right up to follow her and tried to herd her back through the fence line. Which then left him running up and down along the fence trying to figure out what his next move should be. All of this was accompanied by the shrill call of ‘Gramma!’ from Lex. Hopefully these chickens will not be her undoing! 😉

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