Wider Pastures


Just look at that!! Bella and Rosie in our back field – I’m thinking adding this area on to their stomping grounds would be a great idea …

There is a six acre section that we can add onto our property – as a lease…

This time of year it is a wonderful place for them to gallop and run like the wind. Of course … I don’t have a shot or video of that yet as I was totally enchanted by their joy at all the space. Couldn’t bear to look through my phone at them.

After a good half hour of wandering with us we offered some peanuts in exchange for putting on their halters.

My junior farmers were excellent at that process … I gave the peanuts to the girls … to give to the donkeys … to have the DONKEYS allow them to put on their halters … Just in case you got confused there! šŸ˜‰

Then we led them through the gate into the back paddock. We’ll work at this on and off for the next few weeks. In the meantime I think I had better look into getting a line of electric fencing. Keeping in mind that come the summer it will be too rich for them to be out there much. It will be a treat in the fall again!

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