Fresh Air is the Order of the Day


When all the chores are done the girls and I have decided we’ll hit different sections of the K&P Trail. It extends all the way from Kingston, past our little village, and up to Sharbot Lake … and WAY beyond!

Our first foray took us into territory FILLED with ice covered puddles and ponds just too hard to resist. Stomping was the name of the game!

My walking poles became depth ‘checkers’.

And occasionally the only way you could stay standing up was to lean!

There were icicle waterfalls needing some high kicks …

… and rock faces needing some high climbers. 😉

We had a great 4 km walk. A nice way to finish off a day filled with ominous news reports and warnings.

Not all that unusual though for we Meadow Hermits.

Hugs from the Meadow Mice!

6 comments on “Fresh Air is the Order of the Day”

  1. You hardy, hearty, Northern Women! Down here in Carolina, spring is bustin’ out early & just on time & all the early blossoming things are gladdening our heavy hearts. But you all are truly enjoying the ice, truly, & the cold & snow & fresh air & most of all, each other! Carry on! And thank you for sharing your joy & fun.–Judith in Asheville, NC.

    1. You are most welcome Judith! Yes – ICE – is a passion for Canadian kids. Especially when it can be trodden and smacked and cracked! 😉 DO send spring along – it will arrive here sometime next month.

  2. Hi all. Love these photos. Great being outside – we are planning on getting to our campsite by 4:30 today so we can grab a walk too. I found that I can listen only so much to CoVid 19 news.

    Our current thinking: We will stay in warmer climate planning to cross to Cda after the cold snap this weekend. Then we will be OK in our trailer between Windsor and SL (staying probably at overnight parking Walmart lots: safer than hotel rooms). RV parks are not open in Canada!! Our trailer is specially insulated and has heating pads on the water tanks – we are OK at -6C temps. Once in SL, we can plug into electricity at Don/Candy’s… We will empty the tanks (grey and black) at Napanee. We can use one of the bathrooms at Don’s (Irene and Dorothy have their own) There, we can get the hovercraft running and plan to get home home and stay put for awhile. We can pick up fresh fruit and veggies when we get up to pee at the Walmart parking lot at 0300!! That should be safe. I see the FoodSmiths has an order online, drive by and pick up and we will do that when we need to.

    Currently, we are celebrating my birthday driving to Atlanta State Park, Texas. We have seen beautiful parts of Texas on this drive, so different than the shore, wetlands, and desserts where we were birding. This part has rolling hills, green leaves (no draught), wild flowers everywhere, red bud blooming, and Wisteria hanging in many trees. It is 83F.

    Love you guys…


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    1. Oh my lord! Your last paragraph even made me salivate!! SPRING in the desert. I have been enjoying your bird pictures. Keep on keeping on Chickadees!

  3. It’s always wonderful to see your beautiful grand-girls, to note how they have grown and changed over the years, and especially to see their beautiful smiles! We need to witness this joy more than ever, right now. So THANK YOU for sharing!
    Take care, all – and keep having fun together!

    1. Hi Heidi! It sure is noticeable this year – isn’t it! They are both such a great help here as well. Doing chores for the Grammas is vastly more endurable than doing chores for your parents. 😉

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