When Being a Hermit …


… becomes ‘cool’. 😉

Hello everyone. Hope you are tucked in safely somewhere warm and feeling okay. This past week has brought the Coronovirus to our part of the world … and with it all kinds of measures to try to lower the rate of contagion.

It is the beginning of the March Break for schools here … and that break has been extended to a three week time period. That means a longer than usual Gramma Camp! Hurray! Definitely one plus coming out of all this strangeness. Kyla and Lexi arrived Saturday night.

We had just received 165 bales of wheat straw the day before. The girls and I set to work arranging one third of them into the Bota House (tarp shelter). The others all fit into our small barns. It meant we needed to make sure they were not touching the sides of the tarp and we added a vapour barrier to keep the moisture from falling through the now ‘holey’ roof. (This is where our new twelve foot by thirty foot prebuilt barn will sit come this summer.)

Nice to have young muscles to help out!

Stay safe everybody.

2 comments on “When Being a Hermit …”

  1. I find grandchildren tend to eat us out of house and home but there is otherwise no downside. And where better than the top of a hay bale to practice social distance?

    Stay safe and happy in the Meadow! Sending love:)

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