ROOSTER … or Not?

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Still pondering that question. There are ALWAYS roosters looking for a home. And I know enough now to understand there is a reason for that!

Currently I just let the hens wander when I am outside. They stay pretty close to where I am … mostly.

… and they get along fine with Rosie and Bella.

But as the ice disappears they will be up into the woods in no time.

A rooster would naturally stay on the lookout – and his instinct would drive him to fight off an attacker. Roosters are very good looking birds … and the five I have known have been very interesting to interact with. Those are pluses.

Some roosters can be aggressive. Just ask Ede … It would be a shame to add a rooster and then have to keep either him … or Edie … caged up! šŸ˜‰

Still pondering …

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