Who knew you could love a rooster …


… this much.

Our poor Goldie is having a rough week … I have been steadying myself each morning to come out to find him ‘gone’. He has had increasing bouts of yellow-green diarrhea – and yesterday lost his appetite completely. He has spent two days now sleeping all day – either on my lap or in a box with a heat lamp. The hens have been poking and prodding him to get him up to come out ranging the paddocks … but he is just not interested. Poor guy. We’ve tried antibiotics and are now instead going with probiotics, vitamins and electrolytes in his water. He is still drinking … and showed interest in a few bits of scrambled eggs this evening. He is tucked in beside his heater and his girls for the night.

The jennies and the goats have been soaking up the sunshine. Yesterday was beautiful. We had a storm roll through this morning – the wind was something else! Not too much snow though. If I had shots from today it would be of faces peering out from their shelters. Everyone called it an ‘indoor day’. No fans of wind here!

Rosie has been getting her groove back. Day by day she is cockier, more relaxed and downright playful. She and Bella are going to make a great combination. It has almost been a month since Darby headed off to Pembroke. Although we all do miss her – daily – it really has made a better balance in the energy here at our little hobby farm. I’ve been happy to see Bella’s ears perked up – and her spunkiness returning too. They both need lots of reassurance and brushing and cuddles to know that they will be okay.

These two little ones have been a real boost to my spirits this week. They are goofy and cocky all at the same time! They ask for very little – some good hay – some time when I will just sit with them – and best of all – some time when they can wander the paddocks ‘helping’ me do the chores. When I need to wrap things up I just call ‘Goaties!’ … and they are happy to bounce along at my heels.

We’re moseying along … doing our best to weather February with patience and calm. Smokey finds a sunny pillow a great way to beat the winter blues. It can be a bit daunting as the winter months wear on … Send our Goldie your best thoughts and prayers for better days. Keeping my fingers (and eyes, and toes ) all crossed for him!

Love from the Meadow Mice

3 comments on “Who knew you could love a rooster …”

  1. Awww poor Goldie. How old is she now? I hope she rally’s with all the love and attention she is getting. Keep us informed please.

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