AND it snowed … some more!

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When I looked out the window this morning I thought it somehow looked milder. Couldn’t put my finger on why… until I was outside and realized we’d actually got another ten centimetres of snow. Heavy wet snow.

Time to get Bota (yes… we’ve named our tractor) out for a full day of moving drifts before they turned into glaciers. My kind of day!

It was amazing out there today. I know it is February. And we’ve got at least a few snowstorms ahead of us. But it smelled and felt like spring when the sun came out. Even the birds were in high spirits – singing at the top of their lungs all afternoon.

When I finally finished the plowing I looked up and realized I should take my trusty shovel up into the goat woods. The snow up there was well past their bellies.

I managed to dig out a figure eight ‘race course’ for MayMay and Dottie to burn off some cabin fever.

It is always rewarding to see the goats – or the donkeys in their paddocks – kick up their heels when they discover a cleared pathway.

While MayMay checked out the course …

Dottie got down to business checking out the new straw piles tucked into the climber.

She has her priorities straight! 😄

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