A Perfect Day in Every Way


See that sky! Bluest sky in weeks. Not a cloud in sight. The PERFECT day to spend … walking on water. Well – okay – ice. Very thick ice spread clear across Sharbot Lake.

We have these marvellous friends who live on an island. Year round. A beautiful little hideaway nestled on a rocky Canadian Shield cedar and pine piece of paradise. This time of year they walk back and forth from the shore – guests in tow. That would be us!

I couldn’t resist falling into the sky and making a snow angel.

We had a great gourmet lunch – hilarious game of Uno – and made some new chums. See? Perfect start to a perfect day.

When we got home there was still plenty of sunshine left for afternoon chores.

I was held up at the tack room door.

Bella demanded I hand over the box of Cheerios.

Rosie said nix to that. SHE was holding out for peanuts. So… three handfuls of Cheerios and one each of peanuts later I got back to work.

Job number one was making sure these two got in their 10,000 steps. 😉

AND their 100 brush strokes. Found this great brush a few weeks back. The tines are thick and sturdy. They are far enough apart they give a deep back scratch but don’t take much fur off. This time of year the jennies need all the coat they can carry.

It was freaky cold as the sun was going down. I’m glad there is extra heat out there for the critters tonight. The goats and chickens had already retreated to their cozy corners by the time the moon was coming up.

Hope you got to see the moonrise. If it isn’t full it is awfully close. Perfect ending to a perfect day!

Hugs from the Meadow Mice

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