Kid Plates


Remember those plates that used to be made out of melamine… that had sections for different foods at dinner? We would use them for camping… or for little ones. Or for my sister, Cindy, who still doesn’t like to mix foods on her dinner plate. 😉

We’ve been brainstorming for a way for the goats to manage their food better. When it seems that I clean ‘out’ as much hay as I ‘put in’… it makes me wonder what they are actually eating?

THIS WEEK’S attempt involves crafting this storage bin into a serve yourself buffet. Last week I tried a different bin without holes cut into it. That made it almost impossible for them to get to the goodies that showered down to the bottom.

The jennies and the chickens thought that was perfectly fine. Especially once they realized I was emptying the uneaten goat portions onto their food mat! (Look at Lily looking so hard to figure out what the jennies are finding so tasty!)

The goats have had two meals served up this way. So far they seem to be quite content with it. AND they loved licking the bottom of the bin for the goodies.

Here’s hoping modification 984.2 is a keeper.

Love from the Meadow Mice

4 comments on “Kid Plates”

  1. Well, where there is a will there is a way, for both woman and animals.
    Good luck with this experiment.

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