It is this beautiful!


We have had a magical first day of the new decade! The woods are beautiful with all of the ice and snow. We decided to hit the K&P Trail for a hike this morning. Good choice!

Fish Creek was putting on quite a show. The water is gushing by ‘Frog Falls’.

Trail walking made for great snowball fights – and dance shows – and gymnastics routines. You know … just your normal run of the mill outing. 😉

Oh … and selfies … LOTS of selfies!

Hmmm … when Kyla is wearing that toque she looks like she is taller than me. Well … guess it is time to admit SHE IS!

When we got home Lexi created some great tobogganing runs. The jennies found her squeals and laughter to be quite the entertainment! There ARE shots of Lexi sliding … only they are all video clips. Perhaps later …

It was such a beautiful morning. We are all chilling out for the afternoon before we head back to the paddock for evening chores. Life is good!

2 comments on “It is this beautiful!”

  1. Hi Meadow Mice and little friends

    Happy 2020 and it looks as if you had a wonderful start to your year. Great photos! I will send you a few from Tampa!

    Big hugs chickadees.

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