“Still” Reminder


I thought you might enjoy this missive sent out by Ede to our family and friends. It is a view of our Meadow life from the ‘other side’ of the fence. 😉


I believe I was too young to actually participate in my older brothers’ ‘Pierce Park Pilsner‘ venture.  I do recall when one went down to the basement though, there was a strong yeasty odour and talk of much gas. With that and my extensive reading of crime and mystery fiction, I am well aware that the bad drug dealers usually get caught because their meth or some such lab has had an explosion. So yesterday’s excitement should really have come as no surprise, right?
Some of you may be aware that Wen has taken to fermenting the chicken feed grains.  It makes the feed much more potent with warming calories for the flock in this cold weather.  On top of it, they LOVE the taste.The  process includes carefully measure amounts of feed and water into a jar.  Jars are numbered so that they are used after three days of fermenting and there is a constant supply on hand.  All very civilized, right? Now, this ‘still’ lives in the kitchen— of course —

Each morning the preparations are stirred.  One is strained and taken to the chickens, and a new one is started. All very scientific and reasonable sounding, no doubt.
Yesterday was a marathon baking day for the cook… that’s me… while the farmer… that’s Wen, of course… was out doing her regular chores as well as preparing the barn for the hay she would go and get with the tractor and trailer from the farmer down the road.
So it was, as I had one batch of cookies cooling on the racks on the table, was removing the second batch from the oven, so I could put the muffins in, that a VERY LOUD BANG caught me quite off guard.😲
It seems a shortcut that may have snuck into the ‘still’ managing schedule had allowed for an over abundance of gas build-up and the bottom of one of the jars blew right off! Yup, big bang, liquid and fermented feed spewing over the shelves and onto the floor.  Hands full of hot baking trays! And in came the curious cats to see what that was! NO ONE was injured, I will hasten to add, but this gentle, demur, retired teacher may have said some words that would have seen her suspended from class for at least a week! 🙈
Odd as it may seem to you, my phone was not the first thing I reached for. This image, therefore,  is after the major detritus of the explosion had been contained.

Yes, it was the farmer who eventually came to my rescue and cleaned into the back corners of the area.
That is why the title of this email in the subject line carries the warning.  Remember, the regular, daily, release of stored gases should not be ignored.😁
Better get back to my kitchen.
Sending lots of hugs and love from The Meadow Mice xoxox

5 comments on ““Still” Reminder”

  1. Oh my! This reminds me of the stories my mother told of her father making root beer in the basement… Well, no wonder those chickens love the fermented food! They must be very mellow birds :*) Happy holidays to you and your family!

  2. Oops, but I am laughing as I well remember bottles of pineapple beer exploding in our dormitory cupboards at boarding school. So glad Ede wasn’t hurt in the process. Hmm, maybe try a plastic bucket with a lid in the barn? Happy Christmas to all at The Meadow. Laura

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