We’re Still Here!


For QUITE a while I have been trying to figure out how to blog from my iPad. I now take my pictures with my iPhone and they are synched with my iPad. I can keep everything in the cloud this way. However… the process from photo to post … has not been all that smooth. I’m sure part of that is my aging brain … but just part!

The critters are all hunky dory. Winter has come and gone twice again since I last wrote. We are currently snow free but are heading for the deep freeze.

The Chicken Palace has been exceptionally cozy! The windows and the straw bales are perfect for creating sunny corners.

The leaves our friends Pam and Gary delivered (in huge feed bags) are perfect distractions when there is deep snow.

I read an article about fermenting feed. By doing so the flock gets a boost of probiotics. And it causes the feed to swell up – which fills chicken stomachs. But mostly it is because I have discovered they LOVE IT!

I measure 1/4 cup of feed for each chicken (which makes 1 1/4 cup) into a mason jar. I then fill the mason jar with enough water to fill it about three inches above the level of the feed. I leave that to soak for three days after which the bubbling brew is siphoned through a j-cloth. When I show up with this concoction each morning I am greeted by five dancing chickens!

Combine this breakfast with a sunny morning and you have chicken paradise.

I thought you might like a look at these prehistoric looking legs of Goldie! Quite impressive! Glad I have only met the modern age version of these! They look like something a velociraptor would sport! Yikes!

I had a good chuckle when I found this in the chicken’s morning run. Who says caterpillars aren’t smart! If you find yourself locked into a cage with velociraptor neighbours it is best to find a good hiding spot.

Not necessarily warm though … 🥴

Darby continues to make her priority the goats. Well … AFTER she has had her own breakfast. I cannot tell you how many times I have looked back to find she has followed me into their ‘fort’. I have uncovered MayMay’s horns. I think the tape and foam was bothering her – especially somehow as things got colder. That does mean I am not comfortable with leaving the goats out around the jennies unsupervised. They can team up and decide to put the chase on Rosie and Bella!

Some days the jennies just need a peaceful spot to snooze in the sunshine.

Or the moonshine!

Hope all is well with you. I will try to get better at making my camera flow feed into more regular posts. ❤️

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