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We have the most amazing neighbours. They grow great hay and they are generous and friendly and … well … top of the list really. We are so lucky. For years now they have delivered hay right from their farm (around the country corner) to our hay barn whenever we would run out. This past spring we had to change to square bales. (Round bales were very difficult to keep from getting moldy.) That is more work. More work for them to cut. More work for them to collect. More room for them to store. And then more work for them to deliver. So … I got thinking. I already have a little tractor. It takes a trailer hitch. Another of our neighbours had offered to share a trailer with us … Hmmm … So THIS happened today!

I went and picked up fifteen bales – loaded them – brought them home – and unloaded them into the hay barn. Solo! Love when I can find ways to handle what it takes!

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