Day: November 7, 2019

And We’re Off!

Oh it was delightfully lovely to wake up this morning to the sound of the plow going by. I popped out of bed and snapped the blind up – hurray! REAL snow!

Yes – it is beautiful! But what really had me smiling was that yesterday I finished the last of the prep work for winter! The hoses are emptied and all in – the eaves troughs are cleaned out of all the fall leaves – the chicken and goat houses are all wrapped and bright with newly installed windows.

We even picked up a roof rake so I was able to clear off the tarp rooftops. Everyone was tucked in warm and dry – all was tickety-boo. 😉

It was especially fun dropping in for a visit with the flock. Last year this space was all open to the sky and the elements. Thanks to some crafty renos and lovely windows (courtesy of Heidi – THANK YOU AGAIN!) it is now the Chicken Palace! A lovely bright space, free of snow and big enough to give the flock lots of room to hang out. And … this was the first day I got to deliver some fermented feed to this group. (Chicken feed stewed in water in a tight jar for three or four days … I know … sounds delicious … ha!) They loved it. Gobbled it right up.

So glad the north door of the goat house is all sealed in. Made for great viewing this morning. Much more snow than the leaves you see here. Dottie and MayMay are not big fans of snow. Took them a few hours to decide they would go out. By the time dinner rolled around they’d made themselves some great pathways up the hill.

I don’t know how long this first snow will stay … but it sure is gorgeous.

xo from the Meadow