Solution to Food Anxiety


… and the large hay bag hung in the run in is a hit.

For too long now I have been noticing the jennies were becoming anxious about just when I would bring them more food. We have successfully moved away from free access to a large round bale to more straw like meals in smaller quantities. However, ‘waiting’ for food was leading to some real competition between the three girls. Today we hung one of the big hay bags we used to cover the round bales. We then filled it with ONE square bale. Same amount of hay over the day … just now spread out and accessible any time. Keeping my fingers crossed that this helps the jennies feel more secure.

3 comments on “Solution to Food Anxiety”

  1. I think that feeding dynamics can end up being a full time head scratcher for farmers! I was always trying to figure out how to get our donkey to let the boy goats get enough hay. What works for a time doesn’t always work forever. Glad to see this is working.

    1. SO glad to hear you say “what works for a time doesn’t work forever”! That really sums up what I’ve been experiencing. And I’m sure in the not so distant future I’ll be wondering … hmmm … what next? Ha!

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