Raining Leaves


We had pounding rain last night and most of the day. It hit the window in big wet splats. And it sent the leaves down … almost all down!

I’m glad everyone in our fur family (well … and our feathered family) have nice indoor spaces. The jennies and the goats pretty much slept the day away. The hens … well … you know that story about Henny Penny? The one where the sky is falling? I’m pretty sure she spread the word to our little group. They were cackling and complaining all day.

When it finally calmed down late in the afternoon they took off up the hill – muttering all the way about missing a perfectly good lunch just because of a little water.

Goldie, on the other hand, offered up thanks for not making him be out in the rain all day chasing down the hens! 😉

I had packed hay bags yesterday so that when I went out first thing in the morning I could have them ready. I always feel guilty if I’m out there packing them in the hay barn while the jennies are anxiously telling me to hurry up all the while standing out in the rain. They were quite content to watch out the windows and munch away the day.

Once it stops though – they are raring to put a little more space between each other. Darby does get possessive of both hay bags and barn space!

I’m glad it let up early enough that I could clean out the barns to give them a dry space to sleep on tonight.

Hugs from the Meadow Mice!
Big and small!

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