Six Slippery Snakes


… slid down the slippery slope.

Sure am relieved to have this little pair of eyes still with me tonight … We have had quite the week. I learned that cats can have epilepsy!?! Poor Smokey had three days of frequent seizures. They came on when he would be sleeping. The first one hit while he was snoozing on my legs as I was sleeping off the frantic pace of being an Elections worker. He shot off into the room like he’d been shot from a cannon. Right away we knew it was a seizure. The poor guy lost control of one side of his body – legs running a kilter while he tried to get away from the awful feeling. It was over quickly and he settled down – exhausted and confused. Me too! We decided some vet advice was in order. I was feeling much more confident we could manage this after that. Blood tests help to confirm that this was a neurological matter. Seems many cats are able to live good lives in spite of such an affliction. And medication is only required if they become too frequent. The doctor felt Smokey’s episodes were ‘focal seizures’ and would settle down in a few days. I’m thinking that we actually did not see the first time he was hit by a seizure. But I’m betting that Ozzy DID. The night before we were aware of them Ozzy kept yowling at our bedroom door … unusual. I’m kicking myself that I didn’t go to investigate – instead just called out for him to relax and go to sleep. Note to self … Ozzy CAN communicate if I LET him!

Oz has been amazing through all of this. Some of the reading we did suggested we needed to be careful that Oz didn’t attack Smokey – wanting the seizure to stop. No fear. Oz stayed close by – and then cuddled him and soothed him by licking his face and head. After three days Smokey was very shaky and weak. But on the fourth day he started to rally. And now he is back to his old self. All of us though will now be on the lookout. Hopefully it was a ‘one off’ event. If not – well – we have learned that he can recover. Keep your fingers crossed for him.

The rest of the Meadow crew had a very relaxing day. It was sunny and mild. A beautiful fall day. I enjoyed having the time to get chores done and having time to spare just for brushing and visiting.

We managed to get three sheets of plexiglass in place for the goat house. Now their ‘fresh air summer bed’ is a ‘stay dry through fall rain and winter snow’ bed. 😉 These two are becoming downright cuddly. MayMay now leans into my leg with her forehead just wanting me to run my hand down her back. Dottie comes and stares up at me – laying her neck against my leg – loving when I can rub her hornless nubs. I am enchanted with how they follow me around. Doesn’t matter if I am driving the tractor or just walking through the woods or up and down the hill … they are right there. Makes me laugh out loud when they leap and dance in the air trying to beat me to the back paddock.

The hillside is looking pretty bare … apparently Alberta will be getting their first dose of winter this coming week. I’m betting that we will get that air mass in two. So time to enjoy the sunshine while it lasts …

… and buy a new set of sweats for winter lounging … oh … AND for wearing under snowsuits when doing winter chores. I don’t think I’ll need to wear anything else until next May! Ha!

9 comments on “Six Slippery Snakes”

  1. We’re getting the third snow of fall tomorrow, so it promises to be a cold winter. Luckily, we have nice thaws between storms, otherwise, we’d dress the same way all winter!

    1. If our snow arrives later in November it might stay all winter. The last few winters have had terrible January – February thaws which leads to flooding. Not a fan of swimming in our paddocks! Where are you located?

      1. Denver, Colorado, USA. We’re at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, so the elevation gives us different weather than those at sea level. Listening to your language, you must be in the UK. ?

  2. Woke up to pouring rain this am, at least not snow. Thought of you ladies. Blue came running up to me soaking wet.. She and her mom (Britt)and sister(Cleo) visiting. And she doesn’t have an enclosed space outside like the Meadow crew. Going to celebrate Alices 2nd B day today.
    Impressive pose Wendy. Good balancing skills!!! Yoga?!

  3. Ooooohhhh! Out of the depths of the cold and into the steamy hot! Wish we could send you a little rain. Hugs! And PS … Smokey has had three good days in a row now. Fingers crossed.

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