The Whirlwind


… that was ‘Election Season’ is over. I enjoyed working for Elections Canada – and I learned A LOT! It is amazing to see the workings of the machine that make elections possible. I AM very glad to get home and get my days back hanging out in the paddock with the flerd.

Thanksgiving weekend was in the middle of the craziness that was being a homebody – farmer – Elections worker and Grandma. Gus brought his mom and dad with him to visit for a few days.

Gus LOVED the tractor. So many levers! So many buttons and a great steering wheel. He even went along for a ride with me.

When I was a teacher one of my jobs was teaching kindergarten phys ed. A classic each year was the very first day of school when those little ones got their first introduction to the BIIIIIIGGG gym. They would scatter like marbles and laugh and run – arms out – loving that big open room. It was like that when Gus arrived in the bottom paddock for the first time.

He was such a trooper around all the animals. He didn’t blink an eye when the donkeys came to check him out – well above his eye level! And he accepted the goats like they were big friendly dogs. Might have another junior farmer in the mix!

One of the ‘leftovers’ from Thanksgiving weekend was a trio of pumpkins. Turns out they are tasty – the jennies checked them out but were not that interested … The chickens thought they were downright delicious.

Now the leaves are down … the cold is seeping in … and the dark nights are sneaking up on us. Time to hunker down and light the home fires.

4 comments on “The Whirlwind”

  1. Cute pics of Gus and his family. Just mentioned to Kate that I hadn’t seen him in awhile.
    Nice to see him as he is growing so fast. Of course he will be a farmer in the making ….
    Al and I are leaving for Ausie land and New Zealand on Tues.
    Some trepidation about time away but otherwise soooo looking forward to the trip.
    I will keep the faith that all will be well and I will come home to my fantastic family and
    friends after 3 weeks. Its a big world out there and I have always wanted to see the other
    side of the earth.
    As we settle into winter here, I will see spring over there.
    I will try to do the facebook thing to keep everyone updated.
    Cheers to everyone on the farm
    Keep safe

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