I’m one of those people who can TOTALLY eat WAY more than I should. It has nothing to do with how full I feel … and EVERYTHING to do with how good something tastes … like pumpkin pie for instance. 😉

The air around here today is tasty. I can hardly bear to bring myself inside. I just want to breathe deep breaths and smell those leaves in the sunshine. This is my favourite time of year – fresh air – sunshine – cool temperatures – and … TASTY air.

Today’s sky is so blue against the colours of the changing leaves … it all seems staged. So there I am – outside – breathing in big lungfuls of air – with my head dipped way back to take it all in.

I’ve been working (temporarily) at Elections Canada this past month. Boy – there is a way to renew your appreciation of the home days of a retired girl! I’m a trainer so I teach groups of people how to do the jobs needed at the polling stations. I’ve enjoyed that – dipping my toes back into the classroom set up. Meanwhile Ede has been holding down the midday feedings here at home.

I managed to line up two days off this past week – and spent one of them doing some more work on the chicken ‘palace’. That is their covered run being prepared for the winter. I hauled in some straw bales (which I realize will be moldy by the spring) and have been setting up more of the windows around the walls. The flock loved the straw bales – especially the little mountain of them they can climb. Anything UP is a great idea in their little minds. 😉

Rosie’s eye has healed up nicely. She ended up cutting the lower lid … almost cleanly off! Not sure how that happened. The vet was great at treating her gently and kindly while sewing it back together. So here we are just over two weeks later and she is looking good. She has some shaved areas that make her a little itchy. It is my pleasure to be her personal scratcher. (Oh – and by the way – after that little run about last week? The one where she finally gave the goats a piece of her mind? She is the current Queen of the Paddocks. No more teasing!)

That includes Darby. Here they are digging into some fresh straw (YES! They ARE eating the straw now!) and Rosie decides to give the evil eye and ear look … and it works.

Darby decides she will check out the hay farther away from the current ‘Queen’. 😉

The rest of us are doing quite fine. The goats are healthy and happy in this weather. The coyotes have been about once the sun goes down … so everyone gets tucked in early and securely. One evening I had to go out to the front paddock with our air horn to warn them off. The pack sings soooo loudly! And brazenly! Right out across the road from us. That night it sounded like they were IN the paddocks and I wanted to be sure they knew I would come out to flag them off. There I was feeling good about sending them away … and no sooner had I walked into the garage and turned off the lights than they started again even more LOUDLY!! At least I knew the jennies were all safe in the back paddock, the goats were safe in their night barn and the chickens were all securely locked into their coop.

This afternoon Oz and I have plans for snoozing in the afternoon sunshine!

Hugs from the Meadow Mice!

2 comments on “Tasty”

  1. Oh, I know what you mean about this time of year and the lovely air! We have not had a lot of rain here and the weather has been coolish and lovely. My favorite season.

    So glad that Rosie’s eye has healed nicely, and it’s also nice that she has a turn at being Paddock Queen for awhile :*)

  2. I loved your photos… the weather was exactly like that here on Wednesday, I couldn’t get enough… it’s now suddenly full winter mode though. Glad to see that eye has healed up so well! I look forward to your posts 🙂

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