Summer’s Last Hurrah

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We are heading into a hot and muggy weekend. Summer is not done with us yet! I was doing the fall clean out of the coop and hesitated to remove their fan … I think they’ll be needing it again!

Shade will be in order. I love it when I move down to the front paddock for chores and look behind me to find the three jennies, two goats AND five chickens all following the tractor.

Last night I woke at three o’clock to the sounds of Darby braying … unusual … I got up and peered out the window to hear the pounding of hooves on the hillside? As I opened my sleepy eyes I realized they were running and playing – turning circles in the paddock – doing stallion poses – chasing each other up and down the Bully Road. I went back to sleep with a smile on my lips. I awoke again at five to the singing of the coyotes across the road in the fields down by Fish Creek. Seems everyone was saying so long to the full moon!

Bella will be back in her shady hideaway to beat the heat.

And the chickens will be sitting in front of their fan! One last go of heat and humidity to make us all more thankful for fall’s cool break! 😉

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