Fickle Fall


September is full of practice runs … for fall. One day will be cold and windy. The next will be hot and muggy. Those cold and windy days are actually some of our favourites. They blow the biting flies away and when you have a black coat that is starting to fill in again – like Bella’s – they are lovely and cool. When the sun and the bugs come back she plants herself under one of the shade shelters with what remains of the loose tarp as her fly swatter!

Darby plants herself in the shade by the woods – catching some of the cool air coming down the hillside.

Rosie likes that option too. I looked around after finishing the chores to find everyone – goats included – laying in the shade. Only the day before they were all spread out in the morning sunshine trying to warm up. Ha! Fickle Fall!

6 comments on “Fickle Fall”

  1. Spring here is exactly the same! Yesterday was a chilly 18 deg C and today a sweltering 30deg C. We are very dry. Love that sweet picture of Bella hiding. Laura

    1. Ahhhh… yes! That 18’C is MY kind of temperature. 30’C … not so much. Our son-in-law is traipsing around your part of the world. He is in the Johannesburg area this week I believe. He is a data scientist teamed up with a sociologist doing work there. So intrigued when he sent us a roadside picture of a herd of giraffes!

  2. It is still very hot – 90 today – in the NC Blue Ridge Mtns! But there are rumors & murmurs of a cold front coming sometime this week. That will feel soooo good & i hope not too chilly for the busy bees & butterflies gathering stores in the flowers.

  3. Yes, they do. I’ve seen several monarchs already in the the garden. It will be in the upper forties tonight so I hope all the busy insects & migrating butterflies & dragonflies will not be too chilled.

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