All’s Well That Ends Well


This is the END of today’s story.

I have been having a great time working away on the chicken house – the enlarged version which will give our little group of five lots of room come the rainy and colder fall weather.

In fact … so much fun at times that I could end up a little rushed to get my ‘regular’ chores in before the sun went down.

It was great to bring in more light – open up more floor space …

… and watch the Tweedles see themselves in a mirror for the first time!

In my rush on Friday morning to get some straw out to the jennies for their midday distraction I neglected to make sure the goats were:
a) tucked safely in their own space;
b) not following me into the straw shelter.

That led to me wrestling the two little devils off the hill of straw bales on which they were having a grand old time – toppling them tipsy turvy in all directions. Reacting to my total disregard of her wish to remain MayMay turned to butt me in the leg. No harm done – just made her point. I, however, stupidly reached out to push her away at the same time as she looked up at me … and ….

… OUCH! Horn went clean down to the bone in my hand. There’s a surprise! As MayMay’s horns have grown longer she has loved to find things to scratch them with. One of her favourites is the seatbelt on the tractor. When I think about that now I can see how it would work like a horn sharpener!

Two stitches and one very sore hand later I was back in business. The gauze came off today – a good bandage can cover it now – and it can get wet again.

However MayMay’s business … is slightly altered! After researching for ideas and approaches we settled on the tennis ball antennae version … We need to keep her from learning to use her horns to cut and jab her way to the top of the pecking order around here. There are too many soft jenny bellies within target range! And human body parts too. I hope this is a temporary solution – perhaps through a couple of months as she is experiencing her first surges of hormones and coming to terms with her bigger stronger body. The goats do have lots of space in their own enclosure – both inside space and outside play space in the woods. But they do love to be out with the rest of us … and I like them out too. The jennies have been feeling a little more wary lately … and I guess now I can see why!

The current plan is to continue to keep them apart when it is feeding time. Don’t want MayMay to learn to jab her way into one of the donkey’s hay piles. And to only have the goats out when I am out as well. Then I can be part of the interactions and intervene if needed.

Stay tuned! 😉

6 comments on “All’s Well That Ends Well”

    1. No. Dottie doesn’t have horns. So she is fine. Funny, I really thought MayMay would resent them much more than she has. She seems to be carrying on totally oblivious to the tennis balls. Huh?!

  1. Nasty wound Wen. Right hand??
    The pic of the tennis balls was “what??” and then LOL.
    Take care. Hope no infections to follow…..

  2. oh my goodness! I’ve been planning to get goats… now I’m a bit more skittish than I already was! lol
    I went to a ‘goat school’ and learned all I possibly could (so I thought) but yowsa!
    The Tennis ball thing is hilarious and a really clever solution. I’m going to glue myself to your posts to learn as much as I can. -Kris

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