The Gang’s All Here


A splendiferous morning! Love when I can get a shot of the entire herd – jennies plus two. 😉 I really can say entire herd now. They sure like to be out and about together. Lots going on in this picture too. Darby is checking to see if I might be asking something of her. Rosie is eating but also stopped to make sure she knows where Dottie is running. Dottie is excited that someone is at the gate. Edie noticed me far before I saw her. And Bella has yet to realize that one of the goats is going to run past her. Don’t you just love the spring in Dottie’s step?

I did not capture it here … but they are soooooo much fun to watch as they run ahead of me when I am bringing the tractor back from the manure bin. They will watch me as I putter around – picking up manure piles and old straw and hay. But when they can tell I am heading back to the paddock with the FOOD BARN they are keen to come along. When they were first out and about with us all I trained them to go back in when I left the paddock. They would get a peanut treat. That usually was when I brought the tractor back. Now they are out a lot of the day … but the habit of following along where I go … has endured. Even without the peanuts. They really do scamper around like all the goatie YouTube videos.

Some of my favourite beings at the Meadow are these trees. Big oaks and iron wood. When acorn season begins (which is right about now) I may curse the oaks a little. Not for long though. They are majestic all year round.

Dottie wasn’t all that pleased with my ‘tree gazing’. “You COULD be getting us some peanuts you know …” 😉

Night all!

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