Whose Murder Those Crows?


This afternoon we were all hanging out and catching up on some chores. Rosie was doing her best to convince either Dottie or May to climb onto her back. She does love a goat back rub!

I was cleaning water fountains in the chicken run. Gradually I began to realize the raucous noise I could hear was a group of very angry crows … Hmmm… just yesterday I was reading about how crows can actually be helpful around chickens … as a warning system …

Earlier the chickens had all been cozied up in their ‘new’ covered run enjoying a south breeze. It has been a lot of fun watching them rediscover this space. I am moving things around so the new sunny south side is more open for them.

By the time the crows started yelling the chickens had all gone back outside. Sure enough as I came across the paddock I could see four crows battling through the tree branches high up in the basswood tree. The chickens headed for the cover of the paddock bench (except for Goldie who was preparing to take on whatever the crows were losing to). And there it was – a BIG Red-Tailed Hawk – likely eyeing some chicken dinner!! When the hawk saw me he backed up a few branches. That gave the crows a good chance and they hammered him until he took off. It was pretty nice to see them all chase him clear across the fields.

Huh! Turns out there is a reason we enjoy watching ‘Sully’ and his flock. (We named one of the crows Sully a few years ago when we decided we would put out some seeds for him on the big rock in the woods.) Maybe he and the chickens have an agreement I wasn’t even in on. Nice thing about Sully and the others is that they stay pretty much year round. So … guess I’ll be dedicating that big rock to them this winter!

More action for Oz’s favourite channel – the bird feeder window! 😉

7 comments on “Whose Murder Those Crows?”

  1. I find it totally endearing that your crows are taking care of their chickens as you take care of Everybody. Exposing the south wall for better breeze? I mean:) PS Hope the hawk found herself a good meal out of somebody’s overgrown zucchini patch or something.

      1. We have lots of crows in our woods and also lots of hawks and eagles around. Those crows really take care of business! (We have some ravens as well, but not as populous as the crows).

  2. That too would be a big help! They are fun to watch (the crows) when the strut around the yard in the winter waiting for me to bring out breakfast. Then we get to sit at our kitchen table watching them while WE eat breakfast too.

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