Fair Weekend

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My junior farmers were back this weekend to take in the full excitement of the fair. We’ve been working all summer on crafts and projects to enter in the many contests and I had them well enthused about the line up of events.
If we could just add in a ‘golf cart obstacle course’ I am CERTAIN Lexi would be in seventh heaven! πŸ™‚

On Thursday evening we traipsed over to the Palace with our entries. Each week the girls have been here we have spent afternoons inside the coolness of our home puttering away at drawings, and carvings and writing. Here are the results! Each of those winning entries put some prize money into the girls’ pockets – cha ching!

That prize money came in handy when you wanted to try a piece of pie!

Next on our list of priorities were the Country Fair Games – starting with the ever popular egg toss! Lexi partnered up with Lillianne. They were a good piece apart before their egg cracked. Kyla and I paired up for the older age group category. Hmmmm … well at least she didn’t end up with egg on her face! πŸ˜‰

There was a great selection of air castle games and obstacle courses for kids to play on – free of charge – all day – and all night. They were a big hit with our girls.

Saturday night was the horse pull. While Kyla and I ‘ooohed’ and ‘awwwwed’ at the beautiful teams Lexi had made two new besties to hang with.

Every now and again they’d join us in the stands to cheer for a round. We stayed well into the night before dragging ourselves away. We had animals to feed here at home! AND… we had some frogs to catch. We decided we would go for a night walk through the fields down to the creek. Just picture us … three girls … the smallest one doing her best to remain in the middle where she would be the last to be eaten by any cougars… or bears… or coyotes… wandering through the dark with a flashlight flickering ahead of us in the fog. We did find a frog … at the edge of the creek … we did almost catch it. We DID see two falling stars, learned how to pick out the big dipper and the little dipper and marvelled at the rising huge orange moon through the woods. We sang LOUDLY all the way home … just in case we needed to let any wildlife know we were there. πŸ˜‰

We needed the frogs for this morning’s frog jumping contest. So ‘Frank’ and ‘Bob’ joined us for a ride to the stage at the fairgrounds. They both decided to just be spectators. When they were put in the spotlight … they just sat out the action! Oh well, there were prizes galore for everyone. Lexi also took part in the Best Dressed Cowgirl event.

Next stop was the Demolition Derby. Who could possibly turn down an opportunity to see cars safely crash and bang and whomp into each other – send themselves up onto the big barriers that lined the ring – spring radiator hoses right off that then showered the field and the remaining cars that could move on their own. Exciting!

And then … the crowds left … and the volunteers remained to do the clean up. Our posse joined the effort! We first brought the jennies over for a treat. NO – they did NOT eat all that corn! Just enough to be a reward for walking through all the hustle and bustle of the clean up operations.

We had new halters to try out on the goats … so we decided to let them help out as well. By the time all were fed – and the skies were getting dark we were ready to call the weekend a success – and to call the weekend done. Well done in fact!

That’s a wrap! from the Meadow.

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