Open Gates


Happy campers this week! It is finally time to open up the woods again. I close this area off each spring as the lush new growth is not good for the jennies. But as we near the middle of August – and a dry one at that – I can let them in for an hour or so a day and be on the safe side. As long as the jennies are not in the woods – it seems the goats and the chickens dare not range up their either. Curious …

As soon as Darby heads along that trail … the whole kit and caboodle are at her heels. What with our diet changes this summer I think the donkeys were especially happy to see some greener pastures to graze in.

Do you notice the ‘blackness’ that is our fence line? I love that it so effectively blocks off the play area that got built ‘next door’ at the fair grounds. We still have the tree line just on the other side of it so it keeps everything green. Worked out perfectly!

Bella’s health has been great this past month. She has her gutsy attitude back, is staking her claim to long sessions of brushing and is tearing up the paddocks running and darting around. Phew!

And Rosie continues to look great and has had no issues with her hooves or her joints this summer. You can see that she has developed a bit of a neck roll there … That won’t disappear no matter how little she eats or how much she exercises. That aside – she is doing so well! Yes!

Goldie had all four of the hens up into the woods. The Tweedles were astounded that this entire other world existed in their territory. Fun to watch them explore. Lily and Sophie were in there like old hands – digging up bugs and muttering to each other the whole time. A storm sailed just south of us this afternoon. Close enough that we could sit and listen to the thunder. It was interesting to watch Goldie herd the girls all out of the woods, down the hill, around the barns, through the paddock … and finally into the run closest to the coop. We didn’t get any rain and it passed quickly. He then led everyone back out and up the road again. Hurray for Goldie!

I think we are all relieved that the hottest muggiest days of July are past. These cooler fresh August days are my kind of weather! Cheers from the Meadow. xoxo

3 comments on “Open Gates”

  1. I love seeing the jennies, goats and chickens enjoying their new playground! I, too, am really grateful that we have moved into August with cool nights and warm, but not muggy, days. I wish we could have two Augusts and two Septembers here in Maine!

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