Absolutely Perfect


Blue skies – white puffy clouds – warm sunshine and a good stiff breeze. A most perfect late spring day – hard not to call it summer! 😉

While doing my chores I turned around to find May had decided the tractor seat was also in the perfect range … perfect for taking a nap! She and Darby had both been working pretty hard to reach the lowest branches on the trees that reach into the front paddock.

The jennies are used to seeing Darby managing this trick.

However … Rosie was quite interested in what May was attempting. Maybe it was because May is actually shorter than she is …

I moved the goats’ teeter-totter and climbing tubs under the ash tree. The branches are just above their reach. (I DO want to keep this tree growing. It gives great shade out on the beach – aka the paddock.) Even so they love using every chance they get to try. 😉

So understanding of Darby to help out with the project. Haha!

The rest of us spent our time enjoying the breeze and wandering under the trees. On days like today I can ‘see’ that air is a fluid and we are all either walking on the ‘bottom’ or flying through it.

Welcome back summer.

2 comments on “Absolutely Perfect”

  1. The gorgeous goats have added an extra dimension to the lives of all of you there! I wonder if the black seat is attractive because it is not only comfortable, but warm from the sun. May these perfect days last forever!

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