For the Birds


When the black flies drive us absolutely NUTS … you will hear us say, “They’re for the birds…” One of the bonuses of this crazy clouds of flies season are the colourful birds that nest here in the spring. Those black flies are an important food source. One of the more unusual visitors this year are the orioles. We’ve seen them fly through every few years. But this year … we have mastered the secret to enticing them to stay a little longer.

An ‘orange bar’! We saw some pictures floating around online of people putting out cut oranges for groups of orioles. AND IT WORKED! We are now enjoying three males and two females in the front garden. It is quite something when they and the Rose-Breasted Grosbeaks hang out together. Colourful!

So this year, when we’re hiding out inside … we can watch the orioles to pass the time!

2 comments on “For the Birds”

    1. Can you imagine what it would be like if Robins needed red foods, Hairys needed black and white … or Indigo Buntings ate brilliant blues. What a show our gardens would be. 😁

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