A Little Spring’ll Do Ya

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I think we NOW have goat proof fencing. (That likely fits in the category of “No Real Farmer EVER Said …) I’ve been hanging out at our picnic table in the woods – watching the goats and the donkeys graze. And watching the goats check out section by section of fencing and gates. All was good until we got to the back paddock and Dottie looked out to see the field we would go for walks through last fall. Just … on … the … other side … of that fencing. Sure enough after checking it all out a few times she found the weakness. An anchor board that has warped with the last few years of flooding now could be pushed just enough to allow her to flatten herself and scoot through. It took MayMay a few times to figure out how to follow her … but off they went. They don’t go far – just stay along the fence line. But I cannot see that would be so great for our neighbours who carefully plant and nurture that field to grow good hay. I’m glad I know that I can take my time, open the feed barn door and rattle the peanut barrel … and rest assured that no matter where those two little rascals are … they’ll soon pop their heads in that door. Once I had them moved back into their own hillside I stuffed that holy fence with some big field stones. Tomorrow can be test scenario B. 😉

I know spring arrives every year… I am still totally in awe of it every time. In just days we are changing from the stark branches of winter trees to a hue of green where ever you look at the forests. The birds are migrating through to their summer grounds farther north. I will be reminding myself every day that those black flies out there are their dinner tonight. Even our forsythia trees are putting on a brilliant show.

The jennies are starting to shed their coats. I love that they need a good brushing every day. Rosie is always sure to remind me if I should be stopped and leaning on my rake … there is something else I could be doing.

Bella is improving. She has been running and cavorting with the others. In the mornings and after she has been laying down for a while she gets pretty stiff. No more ‘waddling’ though. I’m sure she must be feeling a little Eyorish. Now that her shoulder is loosening up she is dealing with the black flies. And they love her dark colour and her big ears. I put bug repellent cream in them each morning and each evening. But she still has more than her share of bites. I think, like me, eventually their system stops reacting much to the bites. But that takes a few weeks each season. In the meantime she finds the barns and lays in front of the fans for a break each midday.

When looking at the condition of my hands and arms tonight I was saying to Ede that my skin will be glad that we’re done fencing. Then about half an hour later I found myself playing tag with this creature. Smokey is very funny when he decides he wants to you chase him and wrestle. He is full of spunk and very cute. However … see the length of those claws? Ahem … truth be told … the fencing has little to do with the condition of my hands and arms! Ha! It’s well worth it! They are kittens for such a short time.

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