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… is I think what Bella would say if she had words. I’ve sat with her today – and watched her try to move about – reluctantly – but determinedly – to stay where ever her herd mates go.

Can donkeys kneel? This one does!

Remember this picture a few weeks back? I’m betting this is a major clue …

She has a good appetite. She doesn’t have hot feet or seem to have a fever. She will let me push and prod and brush at her hooves with no problems. What she is … is sore. And I bet it is her shoulders … both of them! Sometime over the past week I think she got her front legs caught in the big hay bag. It had started to flatten out and she was great at climbing up on it. Her hooves would not have had to go through the tinier holes of the mesh – she might have got caught in one of the larger openings they’ve chewed at.

I gave her a gentle shoulder rub on both sides this afternoon. And a gentle brushing of her favourite spots. An ear rub. And some ‘bute’ for pain and inflammation. There will be many Bella hugs and massage sessions over the next while – even more than usual! It takes a long time to heal up a sprain or a strain. Poor girl. (Picture from October of 2017)

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