Play ‘Nice’ in Goat Language

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I’ve realized over this past little while that I can speak ‘goat’. 😉

Unfortunately for MayMay the little bit of ‘goat’ I know is her name … spoken sharply! Dottie has totally made friends with everyone – donkeys and chickens. MayMay on the other hand … still is trying to establish her spot in the pecking order.

Which in her mind is either in front of everyone else … or in front of everyone except for Darby. That is still to be established. 😉 So when I see her put her horns down toward a donkey leg, or a chicken – or up to a donkey belly I holler ‘Maaaay!’ Which I now realize is a goat bleat with a human accent.

When she hears me holler she comes up to me and gently apologizes by putting her forehead to my hand. It sure comes in handy that she knows that sound. We have made such great progress. I’m quite excited about the new fencing coming in, likely the end of this week, that will allow the goats to be in all of the paddock and woods areas with us all.

I will need to come up with a strategy to allow me to drive out of the paddock with the tractor load of manure for the compost bin … The goats DO consider me the herd leader … and it seems it is a rule to stay as close to my heels as you can…

We ended the day up on the hillside watching the sun go down. Sooooo glad to see spring return today. When I came home from the farm last night I drove through a blizzard. And when we woke up this morning there was snow on all the trees and about a centimetre or two still on the ground. All gone now.

These last two shots of the day aren’t great … but I just loved that Rosey and Bella were having such a playful wrestling match. They are loving the feel of spring too!

The count at the farm over the past three days is four lambs and seven kids. Goats are doing well. Sheep … not so great. There are two bottle babies now … lost their mom today. So sad. They sure were good identifying those bottles as good news. I’ll be there midday bottle mom for the next eight weeks. Send them good strong thoughts!

1 comments on “Play ‘Nice’ in Goat Language”

  1. Aww bless the little lambs, hope they pick up soon. The first picture of Rosie is fabulous, soulful somehow. Hope spring starts warming up properly now. Laura

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