The Long View


Spring is a great time for reminding me to keep the ‘long view’ in mind. So many things are expected … like warmth and sunshine and greens… All of which will come in their own time.

Some … like this little lamb … are only just beginning. This is one of two twins born at the Tryon farm yesterday. The ewes were all in the stable today to keep out of the rain. I’m thinking this is a good week for lambs to be born … so I’ll be super alert when checking in down there at midday.

My buddy, Chatty, was looking pretty sore still. She is nursing a sore back hip or leg. The paddock was too mucky for her to want to venture over to the hay bin. I brought her a pile that she could either eat or lay on where she was. (Probably both!)

Meanwhile our woods, hillside and paddocks are doing pretty well. The mud is limited and the run off is still going well. I agree with the herd. The back hillside with the big meadow view is my favourite hang out too.

Darby was very talkative this afternoon. I was working inside and could hear her calling. When I would look out the window all looked to be fine … It wasn’t until a while later that I realized I had left the hillside gate closed last night. She wanted to be able to be up there with the goats! She gave me a piece of her mind when I did show up again. This morning in the pouring rain we were all content to be in the barns. Once it cleared up she knew exactly where she wanted to be.

We had lots of time for a good afternoon visit and snuggle. I know it is patently ridiculous … but there are times when I wish we had back windows that opened right onto the paddock. Then when I needed to do indoor work I could periodically go to the window, open it up, and reassure Darby that I’m not ‘ignoring her’. Although … I can just imagine what that would mean as far as her ability to get my attention when she wanted to! 😉

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