Love In


April 6 219-32This morning I had some work to do up in the goats’ paddock. It was so warm and sunny. I decided to let the donkeys come up with us. Too nice up there to keep them in the shade in the back paddock.
April 6 219-18What a ‘love in’ that turned out to be! I took some time out to sit down on the humpback whale rock. The goats curled up against my feet – giving Darby a perfect chance to zero in for some goatie grooming time.
April 6 219-20It wasn’t that she wanted to groom them … no … she had better plans. 😉

Turns out Darby is not only good at training humans! Ha!

In case you think this was all just accidental… here is the look on her face when she turned back to me after having both goats give her a good scratching and loving!
April 6 219-27She does make me laugh this jenny! I then went back to my chores and turned around to find this scene … I was hoping I would have the chance to whip my camera out to catch it. Not to fear – they stood like this for quite a while! Rosie has joined the goatie fan club.

Seems Dottie is just the right height for a head rest.

It is now one of those fall asleep in the sunshine kind of days. Hope you get to enjoy it too!

5 comments on “Love In”

  1. Oh my, love that kind of day! It’s funny, but our jenny has never bonded with any of the goats. She is an amazing guard donkey, but she is a people person all the way!

    1. I wasn’t sure ours would. Didn’t seem like it at first. But then Darby took a real shine to Dottie. It has been months now that I have put them together in short stints. Only when I’m around. I get the feeling now that they may form a herd of five… here’s hoping!

  2. I will scratch your back if you scratch mine for longer, ha. Clever girl Derby 🙂 Wonderful pictures today. Laura

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