This Was Yesterday …


… today … not so much. We are having our first real spring soaking. Raining HARD! I sure am glad I’ve dug trenches and more trenches over this past month! Everything is draining well. The back hay field pretty much empties through the area just beside our back paddock. I love the sound of the tinkling running water! 

Sure a big contrast to yesterday’s sunshine and warmth. We all took advantage of that knowing that today and tomorrow were going to be rainy. 

Stay warm and dry out there.

Hugs from the Meadow Mice

4 comments on “This Was Yesterday …”

  1. I haven’t rec’d your blog for ages & ages. Wonderful the colorful caste of dear creatures again. Happy Spring Days (one up into Spring, 2 back into winter) & welcome back to my inbox. Judith in Asheville, NC.

    1. Thank you for the welcome back message! We are definitely doing the spring shuffle today. Woke up to a spring snow. Gone soon – but not as pretty as it was in November! 😉

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