And then…


I popped out in the other end in the modern cyber era. Cellphone in hand I can grab a shot or two on the go and keep this little diary going.

Rosie, hoping to have a peaceful go at the hay, is joined by Dottie and MayMay. They are just learning  their ‘manners’ and can sometimes be very bossy around then jennies. Rosie is interested in watching their antics, Bella is NOT! Darby is sure they are her long lost foals and follows them around like a worried momma!

Our three resident chickens – Goldie (rooster) and Lily and Sophie (hens) love to help me clean up any manure and are especially keen for spring to introduce some more bugs to their meals!
Darby up on the ‘goat hill’. She is now in charge of all Meadow creatures and takes her responsibilities very seriously. I love that I can ask her to stay with either the goats or the chickens and she does! In fact, she can be quite cross with me if I leave the goats unattended. Not because they bother her (as she will wail and wail to get me to let them out into the paddock) but because I SHOULD be looking after them!
My sister Marg was visiting a few days ago and loved taking some time to indulge Bella’s love of brushing!

I’ll see how this blogging from my phone goes … I’m hoping it would be a way for me to natter away about my critter family and their stories. Always lots to say! 😉

6 comments on “And then…”

  1. Was thinking about you gals last week and then today your email popped up. Missed it. Love the picks and now goats! Too much fun! Hope all is well and enjoy the spring! Linda

  2. So glad to see you and your critters again! Instagram is nice, but accompanying words are always better, imo. You have goats! The guineas? And chickens! Eggs for breakfast and cake..yum.

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