All in a Sunday

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I headed off this morning to Odessa – a small town southwest of us – where the Kingston and Area Poultry Breeders and Pet Stock Show was in full swing. I was meeting up with Frankie Goodfellow. He lives here in our village and is well known in poultry circles for his prize winning chickens and ducks. I am keen on making sure he is included in the documentary for the Fair’s 125th Anniversary. The Goodfellow family has been farming in this area for generations and have played a key role in the operation of the fair over the years. I take my tripod and act as camera person and interviewer all wrapped into one. I’ll tag up with Frankie again as he starts to work on his hay. It was really fun seeing all those chickens today. I’ve poured over a number of references about chicken breeds in my quest to learn how to care for our new little flock. I was happy to be able to recognize a number of the breeds as I walked through the competition barn.
June 40003

Back home for the afternoon I played couch potato for a few hours. Love a rainy afternoon that involves a good book and some internet surfing …
June 40001
… the jennies … well … they are not so much rainy day girls. Although they did take full advantage of the lower paddock shelters and did notice the new hay bags. They are still there as the day is drawing to a close. Just hanging out … with a back hoof cocked just like we stand when we shift our weight onto one foot. It is their relaxed pose. We’re heading into a few rainy days so this will be a common scene this week.

I’m sending a special shout out to Mary. Happy Birthday! You know who you are! 😉

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