Bitty Birds


So … March and April were devoted to newborn lambs and goat kids. Seems May and June will be enhanced by little chicks! I did a thorough clean through the coop. It didn’t seem a good thing to leave the Guinea feathers and droppings around … and I wanted to adjust the water fountain and food set up for these smaller guys. They watched from the large cat carrier cage while I did the clean up. I turned the mirror on its side so it runs along the floor – just at their height. That was a big hit when they got back into the coop.

The Marans are flying – running, hopping and flying. The Marans are the tiny black chicks. They are like little wind up toys – quick as a flash – and a hoot to watch. Roo (largest white bird – part of the original trio of barnyard mix birds) still seems to be mothering all six of the smaller ones. Maybe ‘Roo’ is a she? A guessing game for now! Cari and Maddie dropped by with a chick that had hatched in the kindergarten class this week. It is too small to join their larger birds but just right for our chick set up. I’m thinking they’ll have to arm wrestle me to get him/her back! We’re calling her Goldie … and once something has a name … 😉 Meanwhile in the van – parked in our laneway – two little ducks were hatching! Now THAT is little!

It was a beautiful day again today. We had lots of time to work away in the paddocks. I got fresh hay bags filled up and down. We began working on a new swing set for younger visitors. Well … we’re making it strong enough … it could be for older visitors too!

I even found time to plant the perennials we picked up this week. Blanketflowers and tickseed to add to the front gardens with green and red coleus as an edging. We planted a moon flower in the front porch garden. I set up a tiered pot system to add the mandevilla to the climbing trellis. Underneath that – protected by a wire basket turned upside down as a base for the mandevilla pot- are the morning glories … just a few are coming up from the pile of seeds I put in there over a week ago. Ours always seem to suffer from a lack of shade at the roots. I’m giving this invention a go this year. In the backyard we added some asiatic lilies. Could be a colourful summer!

As often is the case my favourite part of the day was finding a good hour to just sit with the jennies and brush them. They all are shedding profusely now. Glad to have a good curry comb. I think that is one of the most soothing activities … for me and them. Bella pretty much shines once you’ve brushed her. All three love it and will stand forever if you’d stay that long!

Now it is 7:30 in the evening and the sky is still bright with sunshine and big white fluffy clouds. We’re heading into that time of year when the sun doesn’t go down until almost nine o’clock and then dusk lasts another half an hour. How delicious to melt into my bed when it is still light outside and the birds are singing outside the window. Add freshly cut grass to that … heaven!

4 comments on “Bitty Birds”

  1. Hmm, I think I might feel like a child being punished having to go to bed while the sun was still up 🙂 The sun drops out of the sky into total darkness around 6pm here, and with it the temperature, we are heading into mid winter soon. Laura

  2. Sunday temp predicted 7C/22C or 22F/72F .. freezing 🙂 Around mid July we can have heavy frost, but the sun shines most days. Snow is an event here but mostly in high mountain areas and then everybody gets in their cars to go look at it. I wear The same winter woollies in these temps as you do in your -40’s. I hope you have a happy day after you pick yourself up from ROFL at me. Laura

    1. It really is what your body gets used to … isn’t it. Ede lived in Jamaica for a while. It took her a LONG time to readjust to Canadian temperatures. In fact … some days I would argue that she still hasn’t. While I am in sleeveless shirts she is wearing two or three long sleeved layers. Today’s temperatures here range from 7C to 18C. That is what I consider to be a lovely warm spring day! 😉

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