To Zap … or Not to Zap

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As I am writing this Oz is sitting on the back of the couch looking out the window – eye to eye with the male hummingbird! I don’t dare move to cause either of them to move with me. I’m not sure which of them is more fascinated – or fascinating!

It has been a nice home day. We spent most of the morning working away at chores and cutting grass and moving plants back into the donkey garden. There was rain and a good wind – a perfect day for scaring away the bugs.

Speaking of which … we realized we needed to get new bulbs for our electric bug zappers. So Ede sat down and worked away at getting the old flickering and spent bulbs out. As she was prying them out she read the company sticker affixed to the inside of the lamp tucked away at the top … out of site … that said This product does not control blackflies, mosquitoes or other biting insects. WHAT?! We have waffled back and forth over the years about whether this contraption actually works. Online research suggests not – our early efforts suggested yes – and online anecdotal evidence says maybe. We always just used it during the daylight hours as we were loathe to kill the moths that would be attracted to it at night. However those that say it has worked for them do use it at night. Hmmm … we are going to get one set back up and give it a try – at night – not too terribly environmentally friendly of us – but when the mosquitoes get going here – look out!

The chicks are going great guns today. I opened the top of the dutch doors to provide some fresh air. They were having a great time zooming around catching bugs. Great! And they are not electric! 😉  I am back to thinking I want to keep ‘Roo’ (Rooster) to see how things work out. I quite like him. And currently he is the mother nurse for the littlest ones. They love to curl up under his wings. I’m thinking the others are Maple, Lily, Pip, Raine and Flora. Keeping my fingers crossed that they all grow up to be hens. That would be PERFECT!

Here is a little video clip of the goings on in the coop tonight.

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