Scuttling Between the Storms


Somebody in this area is getting clobbered by thunderstorms … but not us – yet! That amazing divide – that backbone of the Canadian Shield – between us and Tamworth is cutting the weather systems and streaming them north and south of us. It doesn’t get old watching that happen. The sky to the west turns pitch black, the thunder rolls into the barns behind me while I’m working and then … sunshine … above … and storms to either side. Phew!

Had a great time this morning meeting up with Brett and Nancy Hilder. They have a farm just around the corner from us. They raise Icelandic sheep. I’m interviewing and filming them for the documentary I’m doing for the fair. I’m loving the opportunity to get to know my neighbours a bit better. And especially loving the chance to tour through some great barns. It is amazing how the old barns look very similar on the outside, and they do have a basic design as far as the mow, the main floor and the ‘basements’ go. But how people divide up those spaces is unique to each one. They have a number of lambs – one of which was a day old who was sooooooooo tiny! One of their older lambs has been bottle raised by Brett and hops along after him when he shows up in the fields. I was also interested in their chickens and roosters who were strutting about the barn.

Back at our place I enjoyed a long afternoon hanging out with the jennies. There was a stiff breeze that made it possible for us to roam from the back to the front paddocks. They are out there munching on the free bale watching the skies. The chicks are doing great. I can sit there a long time watching those little things pop around. Very cute watching the tiny day old chicks interacting with the three week old ones. They’re almost cocky! 😉

Hope you have some gentle rains this evening and a brilliant sunset before you turn in. Hugs from the Meadow Mice!

4 comments on “Scuttling Between the Storms”

  1. We did get a nice rain storm and I saw half a rainbow on my way home from the retirement dinner thrown by all the district librarians. There were three of us retiring from the group. It was fun and bittersweet at the same time.

    1. Oh my gosh!! Not only are you an amazing animal person … you are a LIBRARIAN too! You are like every girl’s dream! Congratulations on your retirement. Now you’ll have even more time … wonder what you’ll be doing? Ha!

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